Interactive Applications

At ActiveMe we have incorporated interactive application technologies such as multi touch video walls, interactive table, gesture, hologram, mapping, photobooth, phygital experiences and all other technologies to supercharge brand activations.

We put your customer in control in trade fair booths, experience centers, commercial areas or training environments. Not only heightening the experience, but delivering usage information that traditional channels can not offer. We rely on a broad spectrum of interaction technologies and context aware software, presenting your products and services in a unique and exciting way.​

Whether you are looking to host an event for a new product launch or perhaps looking for a new medium to promote your sponsors, interactive digital technology is by far one of the most powerful and exciting ways to connect guests with brands. Brand activations that leverage multi-sensory technologies to showcase their products and services have killer opportunities to create ultimate and lasting mindshare.

We mix the technologies together to create unique customer experience thanks to a custom hardware solution and a innovative software concept.

Use Cases

Phygital Experiences

Phygital experiences are elevating physical brand experience with a digital component or the other way around. It’s a mix between a physical and a digital solution taking the best of the two worlds by transforming real object into an interactive experience.


Gesture development was our core business at the creation of the company. Thanks to our deep know-how, we can advise our customers on the best practice in order to create the most reliable experience. From simple body tracking solution to advance gesture control software, 3D camera can offer a wide range of interactivity.

Interactive Table

Interactive touch table, object recognition table, augmented reality table, interactive table mapping,… are just few example of the different technological solutions that ActiveMe can offer. Depending on your goals, targets, location we will recommend the best suitable solution for your business.

Interactive Wall Screen

There are lot of different ways and technologies to turn a wall screen into an interactive and engaging wall. From the hardware recommendation to the custom content creation, we create eye-catching solutions and turn any space into an engaging experience.

Turnkey Solutions

ActiveMe can transform your corporate headquarters into an innovative space that drives your most crucial sales and marketing efforts. Our experience in creating bespoke digital experiences with interactive technologies such as multi-user video walls, augmented reality, VR, and RFID, has turned office visits into unforgettable brand experiences.

3D Animated Content

Immersion rooms, innovation labs and brand environment designed to holistically deliver a deeper look into the Brand Story

Photo & Video Booth

Photo & Video booths engaged attendees through a fun experience they could share out virally with their friends and family. At ActiveMe, we have developed a large range of unique and original photo & video experiences transforming the standard experience into a memorable souvenir.

Projection Mapping

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, turn your space into unique interactive three dimensional surfaces for a one of a kind visual experience.


If you are looking for an eyecatcher, the hologram is the right magnet for attracting customers. Holographic technology does not need glasses or any eyeware. Images appear in mid-air and are viewable naturally with the naked eye.

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