ActiveMe Touch and Gesture

Digital Entertainment

ActiveMe creates and develops interactive content based on new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Oculus, MultiTouch, Body Gesture… Our experts will provide you innovative solutions to meet all your expectations.


Fly to Rio

With the immersive device Oculus Rift, you live the experience as if you were there. This is a 4D simulation of skydiving over Rio de Janeiro! Do you dare to try it?
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Game of Goals

In anticipation of the 2014 Soccer World Cup, ActiveMe has developed a gesture soccer game. With our expertise in motion recognition, we manage to detect the position of the foot at the time of shooting and simulate very accurately the ball trajectory.
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ActiveMe produces end to end solutions, tailored to your needs and fitted for a large panel of innovative hardware. We help you to create your projects such as interactive events and shows, mobile apps, 3D games, engineered content and other corporate multimedia installations. Our engineers and worldwide partners put ActiveMe as the trusted partner that turn your idea into the greatest experience.

Ready for your next big idea!? We’ll make it happen!


A Communication Agency / Marketers
The consumer behaviour has dramatically changed and the way brands communicate with them as well. The relationship is different and we deeply think that focusing on the user experience is the right way to attract people’s attention. Being aware of that, ActiveMe found a way to bring technologies to the creative agencies and provide the audience with unique and interactive experiences. They will remember you and how you made them feel.
An Event Planner
Music, lights, visual effects, smells… greatest events are not only meetings, but are a setting of a whole multi-senses experiences that needs to be « unique » to respond to a demanding audience and to generate the excitement, the joy, the surprise and thus the interest of people.
ActiveMe can make that happen using one of our entertainment product or developing a tailor made concept according to your audience and strategy.
A Content Integrator

You are specialized in content integration and you would like to develop new offers for your customers? ActiveMe can help you in your data integration by offering adaptable solutions or implementations according to your clients, and according to your own needs. We develop custom content, tailored to your projects and set up that will perfectly fit with your hardware and supports.

An Industry

New technologies, hardware to software, associated with industrial process, are now common in every type and sector of industry. Logistics, accurate stocks management, effective communication, efficient usage of skilled labor forces, R&D, … ActiveMe can develop solutions and features in regards to your needs and ideas.


Reality Link

ActiveMe has developed for its customers a mobile application called RealityLink.