By Cédric Leprince

Rediscovering artists with immersive shows

All over the world, immersive digital exhibitions are invading cultural programs. And for good reason: these shows allow to touch a wider public than the traditional museums. 

Today’s audience no longer wants to passively follow the tour. Moreover, the public is looking to be entertained by their cultural outing and has a greater need than ever to share instantly what they are experiencing with their network.

To meet these current needs, Exhibition Hub, is launching various immersive exhibitions around the world for which we create digital content. 

Visitors want to feel and awaken their senses

Thanks to the video mapping, people enter a world that is no longer their own. They are enveloped by the works, the music and lulled by the voice-overs that can be heard here and there during the show.

Van Gogh, The Immersive Experience | Exhibition Hub | Video Mapping 

People don’t want to feel like they are taking a class, but need to be entertained by visiting the exhibitions. Immersive shows allow you to have a good time while discovering the artists from a different angle.

The animation we made of some details of the works emphasize elements that could have escaped the eye of the visitor if they only had watched a classic painting. 

Gustav Klimt, The Immersive Experience | Exhibition Hub | VR

In this day and age, we can no longer imagine spending a day without our phone in our pocket. We are always ready to take it out to photograph a moving moment, an unusual object or a beautiful place in order to share it on social networks.

An immersive exhibition is definitely the perfect setting for visitors to take pictures of aesthetic places. These Instagrammable exhibitions are gathering a more engaged audience than ever before. 

Gustav Klimt, The Immersive Experience | Exhibition Hub | Video Mapping 

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