About us

We offer our customers and partners new experiences, new discoveries in an interactive and playful way.

Our Vision

Since its introduction on the IT market, ActiveMe specialized itself in the development of innovative solutions for corporate marketing, media and event agencies wishing to offer their clients and audience a new brand experience ensuring through technologies an undeniable and astonishing impact.

Our vision is that in the near future, our societies will be rooted into an era of hub-numerisation and it will be our responsability, in our relationship to the customer to provide customized solutions and make sure to always have one step ahead of the traditional offerings.


Activeme was founded in 2011.

Our first steps were dedicated to the advertgaming development under the label PlayMe. Our founder and CEO, Quentin Pringiers, has quickly surround himself with effective(s) people and partners, such as Prime Sense leader in 3D sensors and cameras (recently owned of Apple). Development studio aimed at communication & event agencies, ActiveMe offers now a 360° services to different markets like marketing, corporate facilities, industrial integrations, entertainment,…





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Process and Creative Approach

The creative approach of ActiveMe does not stop at the design and technical development of your solutions. We assure you to follow step by step, in observance of your needs, the complete process of your interactive products realization.

We deliver specific and easy-to-use applications, games, installations with a professional, technical and creative support.

Our Team and our Skills

A team of experimented developers, 3D artists, electronic engineers and project managers works every day to deliver the best solutions to our customers. Our team provides tailored made solutions, off-the-shelf products to fit your projects bringing more interactivity in different fields such as: marketing, corporates, entertainment.

ActiveMe works in partnership with several manufacturers to test in advance new prototypes and makes available new technologies and innovative ideas to develop your projects.