Augmented Reality

With mobile phone, tablets or 3D cameras, ActiveMe is since its creation specialized in the sector with major references.

AR with 3D Camera

The augmented reality with 3D camera allows to add on human bodies any kind of 3D animation.

ActiveMe was one of the first development company specialized in depth sensors and has worked closely with several manufacturers like Primesense and SoftKinetic. For more reliability and better performance in research projects, ActiveMe has developed its own SDK.

Thanks to our expertise, we know the limits and the constraints of such camera and we will be able to advise you with the best augmented reality experience.

AR with 2D Camera

Augmented reality with 2D cameras works with markers (image or object) recognition. Once the marker is recognized by the application the magic happen and it will display 3D animations, movies, pictures, sounds,….

From the most simple augmented reality application to the most sophisticated with live interactions, live sharing, administration tool,… we can offer a wide range of options with your aumented reality application.

Cedric LeprinceAugmented Reality